Community Radio

Bringing the community together through Education Information and Entertainment

Mission Statement: Skylands Radio Cooperative

Skylands Radio Cooperative intends to establish and maintain a non-commercial, educational, community based and operated low power radio station covering the town of Vernon and adjacent towns. Our goal is to provide an outlet for mutual education and entertainment as a means of fostering community involvement, encourage social interactions and provide a means of hands on education for station volunteers. Operation and programming of the station will be performed by local community members. Access to the station will be open to all sectors of the community.

Programming of this station will consist of but not limited to community affairs, environmental and health issues, local school events, musical and cultural diversity programming.

Operation, programming and scheduling will be decided by a committee of station volunteers from the local area. This committee’s goal will be to maximize the educational opportunities to the community as well as volunteers when making programming decisions. Our goal is to provide a minimum 12 hours of locally originated content per day.

Skylands Radio Cooperative is a non-profit organization that intends to create the opportunity for the community to come together through locally created media.

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